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Simple Salmon & Veg

Everyone needs a go to recipe for busy nights that is healthy and enjoyable. This might just be the one you are looking for! An easy salmon meal that is on the table in 30 minutes or less is a definite winner in my books.

Pan cooked salmon with mixed veg and mash. Photo by Michelle Fenner
Delicious salmon meal in a flash!

Salmon is full of the omega 3 fatty acids that are all important for many of the functions in our body. They are known as essential fatty acids as the body can't create them. Thus they need to be eaten. They are important for the structure of the cell wall of all our cells, they are involved in creating hormones, they are important for blood clotting and one of the important roles in mental health, is their benefit in reducing inflammation.

For those serious about their health, sign up for my "Tasty Tips" emails. I am currently doing a series on "Managing your Mood with nutrition". I take a deeper dive into the importance of Omega 3's in mental health as well as some recipes, a food list of omega 3 rich foods, plus free access to my Omega 3 Calculator.

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