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"Scones" anyone?

Have some scones without having scones. They also don't require an oven to cook them. I created these morsels of yumminess while trying to make a healthy pancake recipe. So you could consider them to be a pancake or pikelet, but not as fluffy.

They are a great healthy breakfast or morning/afternoon tea snack. They don't really look like a scone but they taste a bit like them, especially with the fruit and yoghurt on top.

The health benefits are in the fibre full oats and fruit, as well as the beneficial bacteria in the yoghurt.

If you end up making them, please let me know if you think they should be called pancakes or scones? Or can you think of a better name?

I also don't have an oven in my van, so this one is done in a frypan. Nice and easy.


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