Oh Yum! French Toast

There are so many delicious and healthy breakfast options. I like to have my regular which is often porridge of some flavour combination. But sometimes I like a bit of variety and that's where this recipe comes in handy. It is not too arduous to make and can be a very satisfying and healthy start to the day.

Seeded sourdough with yoghurt and diced mango and a sprig of mint.
French Toast with Mango

Healthy French toast starts with bread. Choose a low GI bread. The more seeds it has the better! I like to use a grainy sourdough, but regular wholegrain bread works well too.

When cooking the bread soaked in egg mix, just a light spray of extra virgin olive oil is important. You don't want to add any more than what is useful as fats have a high caloric load. It is better to not use butter. Butter is a contributor to unhealthy high cholesterol levels - so less is better.

Top your French toast with plain yoghurt of your choice and seasonal fruit or frozen berries. That way you are off to a great start with eating from the food groups - grains, dairy, fruit, meat alternative (egg). The only food group that is missing is the vegetables. So consider this as you go through your day and try and get enough in your other meals and snacks.

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