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Healthy Vegetarian Quesadillas with Sweet Potato

I found this basic recipe at I was so impressed by the simplicity and flavours that I had to share it with you! I obviously made my own adjustments to it to make it a bit healthier. As it is, it is quite healthy, but there were a few things I could do to improve the health benefits.

I always try to swap out butter whenever I see it in a recipe. It is an easy swap in most cases and doesn't make a lot of difference to the outcome.

Another typical swap is the regular white flour tortillas to a multigrain option. Not difficult, but better for you.

Next is to just add more vegetables. Variety is better than more of the same thing. I also like using mushrooms, but they are easy to leave out if you are not a fan, but they are not really noticeable anyway, so give them a go 😊.

One thing I didn't swap was the avocado. I just made a guacamole instead of just using avocado. But if you don't want to bother with guacamole, just used smashed avo.

If you are looking at making it a lighter meal, use a lot less avocado and cheese. These are where the kilojoules (calories) pile up. You could also consider using a low fat cheese.

I hope you find this recipe as enjoyable as we did. I would love to hear from you if you have made this meal to know what you thought and any changes you made.

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