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2 Minute Noodle Meal

I guess the first question to answer when it comes to 2 minute noodles is

Are they good for me?

The answer is conditional on a number of factors. By themselves with the added flavour satchet, I would have to say you could do better.

Adding in a variety of vegetables and a protein of some kind (chicken, seafood, beef, lamb, legumes, eggs) will improve the health factor no end!

But also, after having a look at a few of the nutrition panels on the packets of 5 different noodle packets, they do vary a bit in how healthy they are. Some of the factors that I was looking at to determine what packet was the healthier option include: total kilojoules per serve, the fibre content per serve, the amount of fats and saturated fats per serve and the sodium content. What I realised about the sodium content is that the flavour sachet contains the bulk of the sodium.

I have created a little chart to compare the ones I looked at. You can do your own comparisons if you are keen to try other brands and styles of packet noodles. The one that came out on top in my opinion were the wholegrain Maggi noodles. They had the lowest kilojoule content, a good amount of fibre, although not the highest, and low in saturated fats. The sodium content is lower than some of the others but if you leave out the flavour sachet you would have a lot less sodium as well.

I have done a few different versions of a 2 minute noodle stir fry. My healthiest and favourite one, is one I made in Darwin on the BBQ.

It looks so fresh and healthy as well as delicious! My easier versions have been based on leftover meats and vegetables. They are so quick and easy to make and yet quite healthy as well. My most recent version was using leftover shredded spicy buffalo chicken with some mushroom and grated carrot and zucchini which were also leftover from the day before.

Here is my basic recipe.

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