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Meal Plans

Meal planning is a great way to help you make healthier choices.

Learn the basics of meal planning and have a look at meal plans you can use for yourself.

Now offering a membership service to receive weekly meal plans for:

  1. weight loss;

  2. low FODMAPs - phase 1 , 2 and 3;

  3. heart health;

  4. mental health;

  5. improving iron intake;

  6. balanced vegetarian meals.

Bullet Journal

There is no special secret to meal planning, but there are a few tips that can help you make a great plan. In this post, we will discuss easy ways to  make meal planning  a regular part of your week.

Remote Learning

You can use these meal plans to copy or help you get started with making your own plan. Meal plans can have a theme or just be focused on eating from all the healthy food groups.

Healthy Food

Meal planning can take some time, especially if you are eating for a medical condition. Mobile Dietitian will create a meal plan that suits your condition. Now available as a subscription!

"Meal planning will get quicker over time and can become another investment in your health."

Michelle Fenner APD

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