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Mobile Dietitian is evolving into an online platform that aims to empower people and businesses to adopt healthy nutrition habits for the long term. Quick fixes and drastic changes are proven to be, typically, not very effective and often harmful to health over time. So if you are wanting help to adopt new healthy habits, then have a look around this site. You may find just what you are looking for!

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About Mobile Dietitian

Working as a dietitian, I know how difficult it can be to adopt dietary changes when you have been eating the same way for a long time. I remember before I studied dietetics how I would adopt various dieting approaches, but they were often too hard or unpleasant to maintain for the long term. I would have my goal weight in mind and a day to finish the diet and weight loss by. Then I would go back to my old comfortable ways after the goal was reached, and guess what? I would end up back where I started and feeling like a failure. 


Those days are past, and now that I have adopted a healthy lifestyle, there are no more diets! No more guilt days! No more failure!

Mobile Dietitian is here to help people get off the dieting treadmill and adopt lifelong, healthy eating patterns. We work with you to implement long lasting habits through behaviour change techniques. If you do want to work with me to bring about healthy habits, you will need to have a desire to learn and be willing to look at how your current behaviour can be adapted to bring about healthy habits. This is all done at a gradual pace as you work on your new habits. 


On this website you will find helpful tips and tricks to get you started on this journey. If you need one on one help you can book in for your first Bespoke Consultation and coaching sessions. 

As this is a new direction for Mobile Dietitian, you will find that the site will expand and grow over time. I will aim to provide you with tools and resources to help you on your journey. I do ask that to support my business that you sign up as a member. It is a free membership and will just allow me to let you know of new content. I hate being spam emailed myself, so I will aim to keep email communication to a minimum. I also provide a paid membership for those who would like more ongoing support. We all need support and some people just have more access to support than others. So don't feel as though you are a failure or weaker if you need more support. It is important that each of us has the freedom to take care of our own needs without judgement and criticism.

On the subject of judgement and criticism, this website and community aims to be a safe place. If you find that any of my posts or comments leave you feeling judged or criticised, please respectfully contact me and let me know. I absolutely do not want to hurt anyone, and if I do, it was un-intentional and would like to be made aware of it. Please send any feedback in this regard to

Working on behaviour change through heath coaching is not for everyone. If you think it is something you would like to embark on, it is well worth the effort and investment.

All the best for your health journey!

Michelle Fenner APD


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