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Healthy Minds
- One Bite at a Time -

Mental Health Dietitian

A no judgement clinic. 

Nutrition for Anxiety & Depression
Gut Health
Weight Loss
Fussy Eating

- Face to Face online or home visits

- Nutrition Assessments & Plan

- Ongoing support

- Group support

- Workshop your nutrition - group

- Cooking classes (still cooking)

 Our selection of books, PDF's and nutrition calculators will empower you to make healthier choices. 

At Mobile Dietitian, we believe healthy eating should be delicious and easy to make.  Whether you're looking for a quick and easy breakfast or a satisfying dinner, our recipes are designed to help you eat healthy without sacrificing flavour.

Planning what's for dinner is one of the best ways to stick to your nutrition goals. Meal plans will provide you with some basic ideas to get you started.

Anxiety & Depression

What's Nutrition Got to do with it?
Nutrition Presentation

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- Nomadic Nutrition -

Learn the health secrets of a Nomadic Dietitian

Nomadic Nutrition is dedicated to providing the Nomad community with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve optimal health while living their dream. Author & dietitian, Michelle, spent most of 2021 as a Nomad with her husband and has experienced the challenges associated with choosing health on the go. Through her personal experiences and professional expertise, she has developed a unique approach to nutrition that is tailored to the Nomadic lifestyle. Explore the book and discover the secrets to a healthier you!

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Join me for Tasty Tips

- an email series that helps you eat for mental wellbeing.

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